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RICS Condition Survey Types :  Level 2 (The Homebuyer type) & Level 3 (otherwise referred to as Building or Structural Surveys)


Chartered Building Surveyors and Registered Valuers – RICS Qualified


Both reports will identify what the Surveyor considers to be the most important issues. By applying condition ratings to elements of the building, the services and any garages and permanent outbuildings, the surveyor will tell you whether defects are serious or urgent.

The HomeBuyer type can also include the Surveyor’s opinion of the market value and reinstatement cost (which you will need for insurance purposes). These may also be options on the Level 3 Building Survey.

The reports also include other valuable information such as any matters for your legal adviser’s attention.

A Building Survey (This used to be called a structural survey) Level 3 Report

A Level 3 Building Survey is a service suitable for most older residential properties and gives more details of their construction and condition. You are likely to need this type of survey if, for example, the property is very old ( pre 1850), unusually built (including period timber frame), run-down or if it has been significantly altered.

The RICS Level 2 Report

The RICS Level 2  report is a more succinct report for standard property types. The inspection is essentially the same as the Level 3 Building Survey but reporting is more concise unless defects are encountered. It is designed for particular types of homes. These are houses, bungalows and flats that are of a traditional type and construction; and are apparently in reasonable condition.